• What is ESSENCE?

    ESSENCE is a private office, offering an all-inclusive global service to select individuals and their families; the services supplied include but are not limited to advising, consulting and facilitating all matters of their daily lifestyle.

  • When were you founded?

    ESSENCE was founded in 2000 by Janio Bitencourt and to this day remains a true family business. The company is now headed by his sons, Lucas Bitencourt alongside his brother Philippe Bitencourt.

  • What is the company's ethos?

    As a longstanding family-owned company, the value and importance of relationships is woven into the very fabric of our service. From our most esteemed members to the global network of partners and friends we hold dearly, we understand that, above all, ESSENCE is a community.

    This ethos is rooted not only in the comfort, dependability and unrestricted access that members always experience, but also in the warmth, personal dedication and utter discretion with which every one of their requirements are fulfilled.

  • What is your approach to service?

    Our approach is characterised by an access-all-areas exclusivity and an intimate insider perspective, alongside our commitment to delivering the best in class service.

    Not only do we offer a pristine service to only a select few by providing a degree of expertise and personal attention befitting their status but we also curate and produce exclusive and deeply insightful stories about the very finest commodities and experiences the world offers.