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Karl-Edwin Guerre

Curator's Club

Karl-Edwin Guerre

Cinematography by Olan Collardy

Guerre’s rise to prominence in menswear circles has been meteoric, thanks not only to the discerning stylistic palate evident throughout his work, but also to his own personal sartorial yen: whether matching fedoras with blazers or braces with boaters, this is a man who embodies nonchalance par excellence.

So where better to accompany such a Renaissance man than the birthplace of the term, Florence: a place where human innovation and ingenuity pervade the air. Starting at 19th century aristocratic residence Villa Cora, Guerre pays homage to the city’s creative and sartorial zeal while surveying the majestic Florentine roofscape from the nearby lush Boboli Gardens, before moving onto Pitti Uomo – “the style man's Disneyland”, in Guerre’s words – where he casts an appreciative eye over the inventive "Sprezzatura" on display at the now iconic trade show for artisanal menswear, which has become a biannual pilgrimage for menswear fanatics the world over.

“I’m not the last word in style,” Guerre concludes, “but I’d like to be the punctuation at the end of the sentence on style.” If the video above is anything to go by, our man of the moment has already fulfilled his own wish.

“I think that an artist's role is to paint a picture of elements from within; from their own personal connection...”

~ Karl-Edwin Guerre. Photographer & Style Influencer

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Valentino and Nicola Ricci

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Villa Cora

The majestic Mirror Room at the @VillaCoraHotel

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