our heritage



“ESSENCE is truly a family business. Each of us, my sons, our trusted colleagues, members, and our clients, are all part of this ‘ESSENCE family'.”

Illustration by Patrick Morgan

The ESSENCE story begins 6,000 miles and several decades away in rural Brazil, where I was born. Pancas, my hometown, was a world apart from modern-day London but the lessons I learnt there, as I built my first business, are at the very heart of what ESSENCE is about today. Discretion, reliability, and a cast-iron commitment to the task at hand – then as now, these are at the center of our service.

Today we offer a 360-degree service; whether it is acquiring invitations to an exclusive gathering or sourcing a rare or hard-to-obtain object from across the globe, no matter how complex the arrangements you may require, regardless of the time of day or the rarity of your request, we’ll see that it is done. Furthermore, we will see that it is done with warmth, courtesy and consideration; because for us being efficient and effective will never mean being impersonal.

Back in Brazil all those years ago, I would cater to my clients’ every wish during the time they were in my care – that was my promise then, and that is our promise today.