A Summer’s Tale

So there could not be a better setting for this short vignette, featuring the flagship model, which depicts a young nobleman and his lover coming together in earnest contemplation of how the time-honoured tenets of artistic excellence compare with the cutting-edge sublimity of contemporary art and innovation.

Cliveden House, Berkshire

As well as British summer style traditions, the film – which stars British model Toby Huntington-Whiteley – is a toast to the marriage of intellect and creativity. Hence, our protagonist takes a contemplative stroll through the stately home’s library and, happening upon one tome – The story of Eames, a celebration of the boundary-hurdling designers Charles and Ray Eames – plucks it from the shelf, sits down and begins expounding on the eternal relationship between time, art and detail.

The two characters, like the masterminds behind the new Mulsanne, are intellectual prospectors, as well as pioneers: creators by dint of their primary role as curators. They harness all that is virtuous, charming and ingenious about the past, then employ it to carve out a better future: one in which the concept of innovation itself is revised and refined, bolstered and bettered. Never beholden to or burdened by the past, the past is rather the prism through which they see future possibilities.

Like the Mulsanne – “An exquisitely crafted environment in which drive time becomes time to think”, as the marque itself puts it – the film distils the very spirit this issue of Essence Lifestyle – one which celebrates not just contemporary achievements, but also the exhilarating future of human creativity.

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